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Survival of the Hungriest Survival of the Hungriest

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Too basic

EvilRaccoon responds:

"Too basic"? Much like your critique then.

Or maybe I'm wrong and we should be honored to hear such direct words of wisdom and construction. We should gaze in awe of the deliverance of such intricate and detailed feedback, forcing our legs and knees into trembling disarray inevitably causing us to fall over at your feet with every single uttered word. The turmoil of our audio community would be unavoidably ill-fated if it were not for your words of such descriptive and illuminating caliber. The Newgrounds audio community chant your name "Desiel", "Desiel!", pleading for one more eloquent illuminating word that broadens and defines a musicians scope and drive. Every break of dawn you are the first thought in our minds, united in conversation talking of how you came to such wonder. "It's a miracle!" we shout. With every casting of the sun to the bright moon light we continue to band together fearlessness that like the sun, your words of marvel shall shine on us again. Others are not so fortunate. At the thought of losing your comprehensive thorough replies they lose their soul in dismay. Living in terror that without our pledged review audio lord who captivates us every moment may never return. Myself like many to come will never be able to repay you for the ultimate words you bestow upon me here. It's a gift to me and many others of essential mastery aiding us to to reach the paramount of digital audio production. So I say this, wholeheartedly clutching my keyboard in offering.

Thank you.